Engineer rushes forward without input

Leeds Main shared this bug 2 months ago
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Often when I'm building, I'll select something to build - like a small armor slope block - and as I'm twiddling it around to place it, my engineer will rush forward and doesn't stop until they hit something solid.

  1. It happens regardless of jetpack on/off.
  2. I'm on a multiplayer server hosted by someone from the PC version using the XBOX compatibility world (he said the "three world" version?).
  3. I've used two different controllers, but they're the same xbox version (xbox one launch hardware).

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This is controller thumbstick drift - please resolve it.



Thank you for the report. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce it and I don't recall it ever happening to me before. Would you be able to tell how exactly to trigger it? Did you tried to change controller setting in Options/Controls - sensitivity, gradual precision or deadzone width?

Thank you.

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