Cant join server after spending time in the server

Nate Rhett shared this bug 5 months ago
Need More Information

I will join a brand new server and everything will be fine the first few times I play but eventually when I try to join it just says "joining world" for around 30 seconds to a minute then it says "the server host has left the game" "retrying in 8" "retrying in 7" "retrying in 6" and so on then just repeats the process.

other people are able to join the world but for some reason it wont let me.

other servers work fine until I've spent a bit of time in them.

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Hello, Engineer!

Could you please send us a log when this happens? In the Main Menu press Y and scroll down to Send Report, fill out your email and then please reply in this thread with the email and time when report was submitted.

Any additional information about the issue would also help.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


I have had the same problem,that or low memory crash on us 1 server