my account is bugged

CHRIS Setchfield shared this bug 59 days ago
Need More Information

i logged in to the game and i was told by a faction member i was in two factions my main faction and the space spiders faction i am on keen eos us #6 and both pirate factions are set to accept all and the auto cleaner does not work also when i was kicked out of the space spiders i was both kicked and still a member of my faction

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Hello Engineer,

Could you send us game logs?

To send logs, you can follow those steps:

  1. Press Y on gamepad or F1 on keyboard in the Main Menu or Pause Menu to open Help screen
  2. Open section Report issue
  3. Fill up email address (required) and description (optional)
  4. Press ‘Send report’ to send it
  5. Update this thread with details filled in the report for us to be able to identify it

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department


i have sent that report and i added all the information i could think of to the report my system is the xbox 1 s also to spider faction on several other us servers have blank members like the faction has people but they do not show up it is a blank where the player name goes and it is also only on the servers that say they have over 100 players actively on and the sever has really 7 people at the time like keen eos us #6 the server i am on

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