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Matthew Ramsey shared this bug 4 months ago
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Hello, the server I beta test called 'Star Wars: A New Worlds RP' is missing. Not sure if this is a big, a redirect issue, or what. But I'm apart of a group that is beta testing scratch built Star Wars mods for Space Engineers on Xbox, but most of us can't find the server. I type Star Wars into the server search bar and only get 2 servers and not mine.

If you can help here's the info...

Map name is 'SWRPbeta', Survival status, Server name is Star Wars: A New World's RP.

Thank you for any assistance.

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Hello Engineer,

let's first check if the server you're trying to connect is running the same version of the game as you do. After that please check your Advanced filtering settings and see if you're not excluding.

You might want to connect that server's administrator to check for the correct settings. Is this a server specifically meant for Xbox players? Does it have Console Compatibility enabled? Is it using Steam or EOS networking? If it's using Steam, it won't be available on Xbox.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department


Hello, the server is compatible with both Xbox and pc players, as we are all beta testing. My search filters are all set to default, yet the server won't show up and the system is redirecting us yo another server called "Kong". Far as I know the server was updated to match current SE settings

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