Atmospheric bubble around ships when leaving atmosphere - and vice versa

Daniel Adam shared this bug 13 months ago
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When leaving the atmosphere, my ships usually have an invisible "bubble" of atmosphere around them. Meaning i can exit the ship in space and if i keep close to the hull i can still breathe.

Other way round the same: If i enter a planet´s atmosphere, my ship carries a "bubble" of vacuum with it. So after landed on the surface, the planet has atmosphere but close to the hull of my ship there´s none.

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Does it happen in Single Player or on Dedicated Server? I tried to land with a Space Pod (with additional Atmos) on the Earth, but unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the issue. Please do you have world where it can be reproduced? It would help a lot with investigating the bug.

Thank You very much and have a nice day :-)


This does not happen with the spacepod for it already spawns INSIDE the atmosphere. Take a ship from OUTSIDE the atmo and try again.

Happens on ded. server, i haven't played single player for an age.

If it won't work for you i can provide you with a world of needed, this happens since many years so i got plenty ;)


I don't know what Keen Support need more information to identify the problem, but I will try to explain it in more detail:

To reproduce the bug:

1. Start a dedicated Server with "airtightness" and "oxygen" on

2. Leave a Planet with atmosphere with a large or small grid ship and enter space

3. Get out of your ship and you will see that it took the atmosphere from the planet with it in space in the closer environmemt of the ship

4. To fix it in space in survival you have to depressurize a room of your ship and repressurze it. Then the game update this "bubble" and you have no oxygen or temperature around the ship

5. Fly back to the planet in its atmosphere

6. Get out of your ship and you will see there is the same "bubble" around the ship with vacuum.

7. If you now open a door from environment to a room inside the "bubble" is updating and you have atmosphere around the ship.

And that's the bug. It's there since a long time ago and I'm wondering that your team didn't know that yet.