Assembler master do not delete production of slaves

PAULO RICARDO SAENGER shared this bug 22 months ago
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Using the master-slave assembler, all works. Except when I have lack of some ingot. I cancel the production, like a thruster, changing to something like Steel Plate. But all the slave assemblers still trying to build the thruster. I have to manually one by one delete the thruster production.

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your report. We will look into this issue. However, unless it can be reproduced on a clean, un-modded server, it is usually caused by a certain mod or by combination of mods which we have no control over. Can you please confirm this issue also occurs without mods?

We will share more information regarding any progress made on this issue with you once we have had time to examine it further.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department



I star a new Empty Word. No mods. Put two assemblers (Master and Slave), 1 container, 1 reactor.


Assembler Slave configured to "Cooperative Mode" Fig. 2

Showing "Production Queue" Master and Slave. Fig 3 and 4.

Try to produce 100 Steel Plate. Ok. Master produce. Slave produce. Fig. 5 and 6.

Try to produce 10 Motors. Slave assembler try to produce 9 motor. One motor to Master Assembler. Missing Nickel lingot. Show red icon to motor. Fig 7 and 8.

Deleting Assembler Master production. Fig. 9.

Assembler Slave still trying to produce motor. Fig 10.