[1.187] Ship Rubberbanding after unmerge of stationary grid in space

LordTylus shared this bug 2 years ago

Hello there,

I encountered an annoying bug on DS Multiplayer.

We used to keep our ships attached to a station in space via merge block when not used so that we dont have several sub grids but one large one. (We thought that would server the server some less performance issues).

But that caused some issues on our end when unmerging from the station. What we did was:

1. Grind down the merge block. (turning it off had the same effect)

2. Get into Ship

3. Notice its still a station (since the station is a station)

4. Click convert to ship

5. We noticed that the grids mass was waaay to high then but you were able to fly the ship normally. (Acceleration and rotation were slower then expected tho).

6. get out of cockpit and get back in

7. grid mass was shown correctly for the client then but rotation and moving the ship was super hard as it always rubberbanded back.

Seems like our client got the correct mass then and moves the ship at the speed its supposed to. But the server always calls bullshit and sets it back. Only solution for that was to just leave the ship be and wait for the next server restart. Then everything worked flawless again.

We also noticed that the grid dimensions were wrong then. Like for my client it was show half a ship length to far ahead. For other players everything looked fine.

That was very interesting as you could see the ship but just as you entered the cockpit it moved half a length ahead or back.

The server runs torch as a manager that also can unload grids while the server is running. We are not sure if thats connected to that.

Its worth mentioning that the ship is the bigger grid there. It gets to keep the name and grids properties. The station has to be renamed again then. So its not surprising the grid mass is still wrong. If the station is the dominant grid (when attached to a voxel or its simply bigger no problems seem to occur).

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This is exactly what I encountered. I've found out how to avoid it. You have to separate the grids BEFORE touching any of the control panels, seats, or cockpit of the child grid. Once you touched it, it's bugged until restart. So you see the only way you can do it to "unmerge" is to grind the merge block. You can't power it down as that involves touching.

For me, I don't use merge block but this exact same problem occurs when I separate projected ships freshly built. If I touch the ship, then grind, it will be stuck. But if I don't touch anything, and grind the projector before getting into the new ship, then all's fine.


Yeah My workwaround was to make both grids to a ship first then separate them and then make one of them stationary again

then it seems to run fine too

but that could just have been coincidence


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Do not forget about the mass affecting the gyrocopes! It also gets calculated wrong wich causes the rubberbanding on ships.