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76 votes

MyLaserAntenna's faulty LosTest()

In Progress Shane S. Comments: 2 Reply 4 months ago by Ford K.
57 votes

Ore Detector not working since update last week

Solved mad-rooky Comments: 24 Reply 2 months ago by Keen S.
44 votes

[1.187.205] Memory leak with mining

In Progress Leshrack P. Comments: 7 Reply 1 month ago by Yeet M.
42 votes

Ship rubber bands back to ground/connector

Solved Matthew S. Comments: 35 Reply 2 months ago by Pascal D.
41 votes

Memory leak when mining with ship mining drills

In Progress Rseding91 Comments: 10 Reply 2 days ago by RavenFury79
39 votes

Ghost issue : Falling through planets/blocks

Considered Upside D. Comments: 11 Reply 1 week ago by Peteris
35 votes

Error Game is alredy Saving

Solved Michael B. Comments: 14 Reply 3 months ago by Burstar
34 votes

Medical bay stops providing health/O2/H/energy randomly

In Progress Daze D. Comments: 15 Reply 2 weeks ago by Solomon S.
26 votes
26 votes

[1.187.204] Dedicated Server Ignoring FactionStateChanged

In Progress Thraxus Comments: 6 Reply 4 months ago by Keen S.
25 votes

Mined voxels will appear filled in

In Progress theFipmip Comments: 14 Reply 2 months ago by Silverwing
24 votes

Invisible Players in Multiplayer

Solved Karasu G. Comments: 13 Reply 5 months ago by Keen S.
23 votes
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