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Attempting to create new socket

Need More Information Pisces Comments: 8 Reply 48 minutes ago by Pisces
11 votes
1 vote

New armor skin not displayed on mod turret subparts after reload.

Need More Information David M. Comments: 5 Reply 3 hours ago by Takeshi
7 votes

Worlds can't load and can't create

Submitted Olvin D. 4 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

Unable to upload anything to steam workshop

Submitted Cajun T. 5 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

Blast Bombing

Considered Quinn M. Comments: 7 Reply 14 hours ago by Alliguierg V.
22 votes

Option to disable weapons not working

Considered Matti-Pekka N. Comments: 4 Reply 16 hours ago by Daniel D.
7 votes

Negative Grid Mass and Jump Distance

Submitted Jordan S. 19 hours ago No Comments
1 vote
4 votes

Game crash after loading in game

Submitted Anthony P. 22 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

SE Version 1.188.1, Weird Black Octagons showing up

Considered Joshua A. Comments: 5 Reply 23 hours ago by Richard R.
23 votes

Falling through the planet

Solved Evan P. Comments: 3 Reply 25 hours ago by Santiago G.
6 votes

Cant repaint blocks

Need More Information Taylor y. Comments: 17 Reply 25 hours ago by Tomas
31 votes

Memory Leak (1.191)

Submitted deranged_teapot Comments: 2 Reply 26 hours ago by deranged_teapot
1 vote

Weird shading bug

Submitted NorthernerYT 26 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

Space Engineers. - Planets going black screen

Submitted Steve D. Comments: 1 Reply 29 hours ago by Content d.
1 vote

Gas Flow Problems

Submitted Niko T. 42 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

[191.023] Missiles teleport through ship armor (not stations)

Need More Information Cyber C. Comments: 25 Reply 45 hours ago by Gabe D.
52 votes

SE DS PCU limits bug

Submitted Thierry 2 days ago No Comments
1 vote
1 vote
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