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Ion Thrusters Disabled

Considered Nicholas S. Comments: 6 Reply 14 hours ago by Simon D.
6 votes

Falling into the earth

Considered Jez P. Comments: 5 Reply 15 hours ago by Robert D.
4 votes

Steam Cloud Blueprint Synchronisation failed

Considered kill2die Comments: 2 Reply 16 hours ago by Galvinor
6 votes

Mass doesn't recalculate on merging/connecting

Investigating Григорий С. Comments: 11 Reply 19 hours ago by RigoSex
72 votes

game freezing

Need More Information Noah L. Comments: 3 Reply 20 hours ago by Dudeisthedog
4 votes

respawn bug/ships being deleted when still online

Submitted KI775WITCH 20 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

SE Version 1.188.1, Weird Black Octagons showing up

Considered Joshua A. Comments: 10 Reply 25 hours ago by Samuel P.
27 votes

ship is magnitised to the ground

Submitted Nathan B. 31 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

Character Sliding across grids

Considered Simon S. Comments: 24 Reply 32 hours ago by Aevek
92 votes

Ship rubber bands back to ground/connector

Solved Matthew S. Comments: 51 Reply 32 hours ago by Aevek
75 votes

Random, lengthy freezes

Submitted Dudeisthedog Comments: 2 Reply 40 hours ago by Dudeisthedog
1 vote

NPC Faction reputations dropping for no reason

Submitted David W. 43 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

NPC ships

Submitted Hampus J. 45 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

[1.188.x] Can't access inventory on RC'd ship

Considered Elijah J. Comments: 4 Reply 2 days ago by Nicholas R.
14 votes

Air Vent block airtightness issue (video attached)

Submitted Hull B. Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by Hull B.
1 vote

Click Noise wehn somebody talks via Voice - Chat

Considered Lord_Anubis Comments: 7 Reply 3 days ago by Vadim Z.
6 votes

Black Hexagons that cover every object

Considered jesse Comments: 8 Reply 3 days ago by Blaine M.
14 votes
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