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Scripts are glitching out

Submitted Andre M. Comments: 1 Reply 9 hours ago by Baddog L.
2 votes

Worlds can't load and can't create

Considered Olvin D. Comments: 2 Reply 10 hours ago by Olvin D.
1 vote

[191.023] Missiles teleport through ship armor (not stations)

Need More Information Cyber C. Comments: 29 Reply 13 hours ago by Husker54
78 votes

[1.187.209] Autojoin SPID on Serverjoin

Considered Abisius Comments: 6 Reply 13 hours ago by kotomaran
8 votes

Black Hexagons over objects

Need More Information Callum D. Comments: 15 Reply 16 hours ago by Survival_man
24 votes

Impossible to undo gold skin

Investigating Tmoire Comments: 3 Reply 22 hours ago by Marco L.
2 votes

VRAM Memory Leak

Considered James D. Comments: 3 Reply 25 hours ago by Ryan W.
5 votes

Server Crash VRage.Native.dll

Considered Tim J. Comments: 6 Reply 25 hours ago by Tim J.
2 votes

Painting Causes Crashes On Dedicated Server

Considered XLent G. Comments: 3 Reply 35 hours ago by XLent G.
1 vote

Attempting to create new socket

Need More Information Pisces Comments: 10 Reply 35 hours ago by XLent G.
12 votes

Offline play broken

Considered Xen. Comments: 5 Reply 36 hours ago by Xen.
3 votes

1.192 - Various Bugs after update

Considered Couette P. Comments: 5 Reply 37 hours ago by Couette P.
2 votes

1.192.019 dedicated server memory leak

Considered meep p. Comments: 8 Reply 39 hours ago by meep p.
5 votes

Silver color bug

Considered DarthNihilu5 Comments: 2 Reply 40 hours ago by Kham
1 vote

Intel Graphics - Graphical Memory Leak

Considered Jouster500 Comments: 40 Reply 42 hours ago by VoidedEx
54 votes

Crash-to-desktop using pistons.

Considered Pyrald L. Comments: 2 Reply 42 hours ago by Pyrald L.
1 vote

Didn't get free expansions for already downloaded DLC

Considered PÁRKÁNY Comments: 19 Reply 43 hours ago by Bora T.
31 votes

Dedicated server wont load old or new game

Considered Andreas S. Comments: 3 Reply 43 hours ago by Andreas S.
2 votes
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