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Multiple Posts ALL describing the same issue

Submitted AngelShadow9451 Comments: 5 Reply 43 days ago by Geronimo553
6 votes

Pirate bases

In Progress Vojta M. Comments: 22 Reply 44 days ago by Donavan
188 votes

please make style pack usefull for modded blocks too

Submitted Takeshi Comments: 4 Reply 45 days ago by Takeshi
10 votes

Improve PvE environment to have more challenge / PvE Server

Submitted Hoshiko Comments: 1 Reply 47 days ago by Ryukki
6 votes

Setting to Disable Video Animation in Background

Submitted kill2die Comments: 1 Reply 48 days ago by Brandon L.
3 votes

Option to disable eye adaptation

Submitted Matt Comments: 2 Reply 49 days ago by Marco L.
7 votes

Improvements to IMySoundBlock interface.

Submitted Kristian W. Comments: 1 Reply 52 days ago by Klime
5 votes

glass for small ships

Declined Copycat80 Comments: 38 Reply 52 days ago by Husker54
122 votes

the current unrealistic Missile Impulse makes NPC combat unplayable

Under Consideration Nikolas M. Comments: 22 Reply 52 days ago by Husker54
134 votes
125 votes

Suggestions for added Features

Submitted Sean C. Comments: 4 Reply 53 days ago by Acynder I.
7 votes
8 votes

Smooth thruster (Power buildup)

Submitted Seva Comments: 1 Reply 54 days ago by PÁRKÁNY
8 votes

Space Engineers on console

Submitted yannick p. Comments: 1 Reply 55 days ago by andersenman
1 vote

Easy Inventory mod by default

Completed Prehistoricman Comments: 75 Reply 56 days ago by Malware
383 votes

Remove (or improve) "P" and "Y"

Submitted Matthew S. Comments: 3 Reply 56 days ago by Pyrald L.
10 votes
2 votes
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