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Blue Prints Not Saving

Submitted Marcus W. Comments: 2 Reply 7 hours ago by Josue R.
3 votes

Moving Cameras

Submitted Ghil Comments: 1 Reply 11 hours ago by Alan G.
1 vote

Frostbite DLC Request

Submitted unknownengineer58 Comments: 2 Reply 21 hours ago by unknownengineer58
2 votes

GPS location management

Under Consideration John D. Comments: 27 Reply 33 hours ago by oliXon
207 votes

Enhanced Toolbar

Submitted Warlord Comments: 5 Reply 36 hours ago by Francis M.
29 votes
9 votes

Fix NPCs to be functional again

Submitted Ryukki Comments: 36 Reply 43 hours ago by XpErDiiCe
187 votes

suggestion for grid/block connecting area

Submitted brova Comments: 2 Reply 46 hours ago by brova
3 votes

Allow programmable block to set projector offset

Submitted Dylan I. Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by ShadedMJ
2 votes

Hydrogen and Oxygen Should Have Mass

Submitted James T. Comments: 16 Reply 2 days ago by James T.
32 votes
33 votes

Increase speed limit

Submitted Michele F. Comments: 6 Reply 2 days ago by Dylan I.
36 votes

Electrical cable or portable battery

Submitted Erik P. Comments: 7 Reply 2 days ago by Dylan I.
47 votes

Retractable landing gear

Submitted DanyBeerino Comments: 10 Reply 2 days ago by Dylan I.
55 votes
92 votes

Make the Frostbite DLC Free for all

Submitted RKS-Gametech Comments: 11 Reply 2 days ago by RKS-Gametech
4 votes

Frostbite DLC Door Details - Immersion Breaking

Submitted John B. Comments: 2 Reply 2 days ago by Keiron B.
3 votes

[Frostbite Scenario] design issues.

Submitted DaemosDaen Comments: 3 Reply 2 days ago by Keiron B.
5 votes

The (Uranium) Spice must flow...

Submitted Aaron S. Comments: 6 Reply 2 days ago by Keiron B.
10 votes

GPS coordinates - Add folders/Custom color choices

Submitted oliXon Comments: 4 Reply 2 days ago by oliXon
28 votes
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