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Lets Talk Keen

Submitted Jouster500 Comments: 5 Reply 4 days ago by Jouster500
47 votes

DLC decorative block interaction

In Progress Geronimo553 Comments: 14 Reply 1 day ago by Timotei~
119 votes

Working Live Cameras on LCD Screen

Submitted Michael R. Comments: 3 Reply 8 hours ago by Lee C.
41 votes

Easy Inventory mod by default

Under Consideration Prehistoricman Comments: 63 Reply 1 week ago by Cole D.
340 votes

Pinpointing of Performance impact

Submitted Ben H. Comments: 5 Reply 1 hour ago by Ben H.
2 votes

Adopt Conveyor Hinge Block Mod

Submitted Timuroslav Comments: 5 Reply 6 hours ago by Lee C.
20 votes

Autoreplace DLC blocks for non-DLC people

Submitted Akuukis Comments: 8 Reply 6 days ago by Erubian W.
67 votes

Do something to the Gravity Drive exploit.

Submitted Kephyr Comments: 43 Reply 2 days ago by Zachary P.
18 votes

API additions needed for Shield Mods.

In Progress Shane S. Comments: 32 Reply 1 month ago by Foogs
899 votes

Console block projection should not count against PCU Limit

Submitted Thrak Comments: 8 Reply 1 week ago by Roshag
27 votes

Add more realism to the game for roleplaying purposes

Submitted Vincent Comments: 3 Reply 3 days ago by Vincent
8 votes

Better Jump Drive animations and non-instant jumps

Submitted CatCraftYT Comments: 12 Reply 1 week ago by CatCraftYT
5 votes

Shortcut to move One (1) item on inventory screen PLEASE

Submitted William B. Comments: 1 Reply 15 hours ago by Alex L.
4 votes
120 votes

Power Cells - Bottles of Energy

Under Consideration Duncan M. Comments: 31 Reply 5 hours ago by Lee C.
159 votes

Enable Position-Based Spawning of Respawn Pods

Submitted Kothe Comments: 22 Reply 1 week ago by denseacat
391 votes
28 votes

PCU bar in the G menu of the engineer.

Submitted Alliguierg V. 1 day ago No Comments
6 votes
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