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Sell your old ships at the store.

Under Consideration Joe S. Comments: 9 Reply 1 hour ago by Kayra A.
74 votes

SUGGESTION: Planets: Auto-Orientation of Flying Astronaut

Submitted S. L. Comments: 6 Reply 5 hours ago by David W.
6 votes

Game improvement

Submitted Aras C. Comments: 5 Reply 40 hours ago by Горячий П.
1 vote

Make Sensors detect all voxels instead of asteroids only

Submitted Burstar Comments: 7 Reply 40 hours ago by Toshiwo A.
27 votes

Reinstate removed suspension wheel block sliders.

Submitted All A. Comments: 1 Reply 41 hours ago by Горячий П.
3 votes

Oculus, Vive, Virtual Reality Support

Submitted Vivacious_Vii Comments: 5 Reply 43 hours ago by Viktor F.
13 votes

the current unrealistic Missile Impulse makes NPC combat unplayable

Under Consideration Nikolas M. Comments: 25 Reply 45 hours ago by Nikolas M.
160 votes

Add true joystick support

Under Consideration Odyssea &. Comments: 22 Reply 46 hours ago by Frans M.
66 votes
3 votes

Unable to use DLC when offline

Submitted Elspeth Comments: 1 Reply 4 days ago by Mark A.
2 votes

Welders are too bright!

Submitted Manuel C. Comments: 2 Reply 5 days ago by Vox S.
3 votes

Fix Triton (and other planet) weird cliffs

Submitted MechGingineer Comments: 1 Reply 5 days ago by MechGingineer
3 votes
19 votes

Cursor to auto-populate Inventory search box

Submitted Adam T. Comments: 1 Reply 6 days ago by Adam T.
3 votes
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