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World Failed to Save

Need More Information Gabriel P. Comments: 13 Reply 8 hours ago by Gabriel P.
3 votes

[191.023] Missiles teleport through ship armor (not stations)

Need More Information Cyber C. Comments: 20 Reply 9 hours ago by Bram D.
42 votes

cannot upload blueprint to steam workshop

Considered gary# 0. Comments: 23 Reply 10 hours ago by gary# 0.
14 votes

Can't upload blueprint to the Steam workshop

Solved Adyne Comments: 3 Reply 12 hours ago by Andrew S.
5 votes

Blueprints will not publish to workshop be be shared

Considered The 3. Comments: 3 Reply 12 hours ago by Andrew S.
3 votes

Blueprint failed to publish to Steam Workshop

Considered Grant H. Comments: 5 Reply 12 hours ago by Andrew S.
6 votes

Workshop unable to publish blueprint

Considered Erling N. Comments: 3 Reply 12 hours ago by Andrew S.
8 votes

[BUG Report] 01_190_101 - Armageddon Mode does not work

Considered Daniel D. Comments: 2 Reply 12 hours ago by Thomas
3 votes

Block-Based Programming in Programming Block

Submitted Monarch K. Comments: 8 Reply 12 hours ago by Monarch K.
6 votes

2*2*1 Slope Corner Armor Blocks.

Submitted René L. Comments: 2 Reply 15 hours ago by Vygintas K.
5 votes

Warheads do not damage environment

Need More Information Jack B. Comments: 9 Reply 16 hours ago by Juksefantomet
16 votes

General problem about a Localization.

Submitted Arstraea Comments: 7 Reply 23 hours ago by Arstraea
2 votes

Toggle freelook button

Submitted Vygintas K. Comments: 1 Reply 28 hours ago by Alboridian
2 votes

Retractable landing gear

Declined Monstertruck Comments: 43 Reply 34 hours ago by caddilacbob
75 votes

Make uranium only available on planets/moons instead

Submitted Pyrald L. Comments: 24 Reply 43 hours ago by Lexx L.
22 votes

Asteroid Ore Spawning System

Submitted Ian H. Comments: 2 Reply 44 hours ago by James B.
10 votes

Complete Failure of Graphics

Submitted David Comments: 1 Reply 45 hours ago by David
1 vote
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