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SE Eating RAM

Considered Ghost M. Comments: 5 Reply 48 minutes ago by Omen964
9 votes

World creation options

Submitted Husky306 Comments: 2 Reply 1 hour ago by Husky306
2 votes

[1.192.022] Fuel estimates are wildly inaccurate

Submitted Chetar R. Comments: 2 Reply 2 hours ago by Chetar R.
3 votes
5 votes

Increase Ore detector range

Submitted Suicide N. Comments: 12 Reply 4 hours ago by Super H.
38 votes

Distant space becomes highly inaccurate.

Considered Vas V. Comments: 4 Reply 4 hours ago by Dementiurge
3 votes

Torch hangs when regenerating some voxels

Not a Bug Roshag Comments: 20 Reply 5 hours ago by Pyrald L.
3 votes

Option to disable weapons not working

Considered Matti-Pekka N. Comments: 7 Reply 7 hours ago by Husky306
11 votes

Character Sliding across grids

Considered Simon S. Comments: 15 Reply 7 hours ago by Máté G.
59 votes

Falling through blocks on ships/station

Considered Rhys R. Comments: 13 Reply 10 hours ago by Prawen
31 votes

Traiding - Player to Player Faction not possible

Submitted Noir88 Comments: 2 Reply 13 hours ago by Georgik
5 votes


Submitted James C. Comments: 1 Reply 21 hours ago by James C.
1 vote

Oxygen in Space Around Ship

Considered Alex L. Comments: 2 Reply 21 hours ago by James C.
5 votes


Submitted Joseph T. Comments: 1 Reply 21 hours ago by Super H.
1 vote

Conveyor System

Submitted Tristan C. Comments: 2 Reply 22 hours ago by Paul
7 votes

Three Point Conveyor Tube

Submitted Paul Comments: 1 Reply 22 hours ago by Paul
5 votes

No Platinum In Game

Submitted Garret G. Comments: 2 Reply 26 hours ago by Pyrald L.
2 votes

No Power/Fuel Consumption on Thruster Override

Submitted SirFlutternutz Comments: 1 Reply 32 hours ago by Jack T.
3 votes

Please remove the OK button from the paint menu

Submitted Whiplash141 Comments: 3 Reply 45 hours ago by UnCheat
11 votes

[191.023] Missiles teleport through ship armor (not stations)

Need More Information Cyber C. Comments: 35 Reply 47 hours ago by demo
113 votes
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