Wrong speed compared with a ship

Dominik :P shared this feedback 2 months ago

If I enter the atmosphere, I (the playermodel) am faster then my 40t ship.

I am ok with the fact that there is no air, so while I enter it my shipt doesnt heat up. But this velocity problem is really strange.

The second thing is, why is the max m/s 110? Even small satalites have a velocity of over 10 000 m/s. And with no air, it should also be possible on earth. I hope someone can answer me this questions or implmentate it (modders did it to but the updates are not frequently).

Thank you in advance :D

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As the game is not real life, each "tic" it need to calculate if a collision happen.

Because of that high speed make it harder and you could pass through object because between 2 tic you were not in collision even if in between the 2 you were. Player using mod for higher speed will sometime pass though planet surface and fall inside it as voxel is not "full" it's just surface.

The player speed of 110m/s over the ship speed of 100m/s was done so you could run after your ship that fly away for multiple reason (forgot dampener, flying debit after collision, etc...

Also note that everything is scale down, the distance between object is far more smaller than real life, distance between earth and moon 120km in game, while in real life is 384,400 km (3000x more), 100m/s would be similar to 300,000m/s