Weak armor block destroy nearby blocks too often when shot

Pyrald Lystent shared this bug 4 months ago

It is a bit hard for me to put into words right now, so I'll use screenshots.

On the first image, there are two blue hydrogen tanks. The hydrogen tank on the left had been shot by the bullet used by vanilla gatling guns (the gun used however is a mod). The tank survived the direct hit. The tank to the right has a half heavy armor block on it. The second screenshot is the aftermath of a single gatling gun bullet hitting the armor block. The block was destroyed, and I suspect the left over damage was multiplied before it was carried over to the tank behind it.

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This seems to be only a small grid issue.

Further, it seems important that the non-armor piece is touching the armor block perpendicular to the direction of an incoming gatling bullet. This usually destroys the non-armor piece instantly. None of the base game assault rifles cause this, but any gatling turret will do.


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Thankyou. I anticipate a fix because small fighters are currently obsolete because this allows a gatling turret to shred them much faster than it would it the armor acted like armor, rather than C4.