Vanilla Sorting Sytem Upgrade

Ron Westbrook shared this feedback 18 months ago

Make some sort of Vanilla Sorting system. The conveyor sorters are stupid. All they do is create loops where materials are constantly being pulled from their destination and sorted back through. This can't be good for server lag and it makes the items appear to jump around. Many dedicated servers do not allow scripts for various superstitious reason about their causing lag. Some have even created scripts specifically designed to cause massive server lag or crashes. In the end scripts for sorting are rarely possible in multiplayer.

My assemblers create parts and then toss them into whatever opens space they feel like. Random cargo containers, my cockpit, or they just sit in the assembler. My refineries sometimes grab all the ore they can possibly hold or none at all. Its incredibly inefficient and requires ridiculous amounts of micromanaging to keep things running remotely smooth. It can't be that hard to add a Vanilla method to tell your system where to put ores, components, ingots, ammo, tools, ect. It can't be that hard to have a Vanilla method to tell refineries NOT to fill up on all the stone it can possibly hold when i need it refining iron. Instead we have to go into the control panel, find that refinery, turn off "use conveyor system", go to the inventory tab, find the refinery, drag and drop the stone out of it, drag and drop the iron into it, go back to the control panel, find the refinery, turn "use conveyor system" back on, then do the same for the next refinery. Its maddening. Yes I could build a refinery for each type of ore and then set up conveyor sorters to put one ore type in each refinery but that is also incredibly inefficient when all i have to refine is iron. Then im sitting there with 10 refineries and only one of them is doing anything. Or you have 10 refineryes and 100k Iron and the first refinery gobbles it all up and the rest have nothing to work on so you have to sit there and manually even out the ore between them. Also very stupid. With a script you can set each refinery to take in say 3000 of each ore maximum. This prevents the overflow problem and makes it incredibly easy to move whatever you need to the front of the list. It can't be that hard to make something like this an option in the vanilla game.