[v1.189] Small Ship is unresponsive after Connector release

derdotte shared this feedback 12 months ago


my small grid ship can not use its thrusters after connecting and being released from a connector on my station that is connected to voxels on earth planet. Blocks are all on and battery is sufficient. Control authority exists by using gyroscopes, thrusters (atmospheric) are unresponsive, i have yet to test it with hydrogen thrusters.

A restart of the server fixes the issue.

Below i attached my save file, use the craft that is currently not connected to the connector, connect it to the connector and release the connection, try using thrusters.

I hope this gets fixed quickly as this is certainly taking the fun out of the new update.

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I recently experienced a similar issue with a land vehicle in survival. After locking the connectors, power to the base stopped working. Power sources were intact but the power was not getting to any of the blocks connected to the base. The vehicle would work with its current power but the batteries stopped charging after disconnecting the connector.

Only resolution was to restart the server. The server was locally hosted with 2-4 players connected.

The issue was repeatable as well. After the first restart the same issue reoccurred after connecting the vehicle to the base’s connector.

No conveyers were connected. The connection was to serve as a charging port.


Hello, Engineer!

Is this issue still happening on the current released version 1.191.105? Any additional information will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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Hey, using the map i provided above, i am unable to replicate the issue with small ships. So i assume this is fixed.