Unknown Signals not Spawning

Dakota shared this bug 1 month ago

Unknown Signals are not spawning in my current save. All appropriate settings are set correctly, and in survival mode. The save was set to creative temporarily after creation to spawn in specific planets, but is now set back to creative.

Looking at the sandbox file;




In other survival saves where the container drops are spawning, this containerID is not a zero value, and appears to be the root of this issue; however I cannot find a way for this value to stay as non-zero, and new saves that I am creating are setting the value to 0 now as well.

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I don't have the exact same bug, but I do have something similar. when playing together with a friend, unknown signals are not spawning for them and we are yet to see any strong unknown signals.


Weird. I should also have mentioned I am playing in a solo world, on a planet surface, but haven’t seen unknown signals of any strength


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