Unknown signals issue : spawning containers automaticaly set to false

Upside Down shared this bug 7 months ago

Hello everyone,

It seems there is a bug with Unknown signals (signal for players only, different to Strong Unknown signals which is for everyone to see).

It seems that for certain players, the unknown signals stop to appear.

I read here : <https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/multiple-errors-and-bugs-on-dedicated-servers.7400314/>; that it's due to a setting setting itself to false without reasons,

2. spawning containers automaticaly set to false:
in the sandbox.sbc file the settings for containers is always set to false for the first player in the list/file. i have to set em always back to true manually. the <ACTIVE> and <COMPETITIVE> setting is set after every restart to false, so the player never gets an ingame "unknown signal" to find and rescue.

And indeed one player asked on my server for this and his ID is set to false for `<Active>` in sandbox.sbc (see screenshot below)

I can't really give you more than that since I don't really know from where this come...

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