Unable to buy ships from planetary station

Ammon Lauritzen shared this bug 4 months ago

I am unable to purchase ships from a station on Mars. Regardless of the vehicle requested (I have tried every model available, from small buggies to large freighters), I am presented with the error message:

Transaction Failed
There is not enough free space around the station to spawn the vehicle.

There are no vehicles inside the bubble with the station, I arrived on foot. But in the past, I have purchased numerous ships from orbital stations. This is (I believe), my first attempt purchasing from a planetary station.

I do have my own station that I built nearby, as well as a few ships and some wreckage I am slowly salvaging - but the closest anything is ~270m from the station's beacon.

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Just now visited two other stations on the planet for the first time and was able to purchase vehicles from them.


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