Trash cleanup won't work with voxels?

Erik shared this feedback 4 months ago

Hello, I can't seem to get voxel trash cleanup to work on a dedicated server running the current version. I have the duration set to 2 minutes, and the distance from players and grids is set to 1m (for test purposes, I want to reset all voxels on the map.)

All boxes are filled including asteroids, resources, and floating objects (all floating objects have already been removed)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I am accessing this from the "Spacemaster" menu in game.

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I adjusted the interval to 30 mins and 10 meters, ensuring it was on, and after 24 hours still nothing. I will have to keep the map set to safe instead of normal now because craters are accumulating.

Edit: Any help on this would be appreciated, it seems as though the only solution for clearing/cleaning/resetting/ voxels beyond the in game interface, SEToolbox, has been officially dead since the economy update.