Transporting H2 in personal inventory/bottles

Veit Maruschke shared this feedback 11 months ago

As hydrogen is a pretty solid fuel in the early stages of the game now (compared to slow transferring battery energy), especially for rovers which usually don't need that much power, why can't we refuel our vehicles from bottles and/or our own personal inventory.

If you use a rover just based on hydrogen with a h2 tank and some engines, but no batteries, it may happen, that you run out of fuel. To fix it, now you have to either pick it up with a recovery vehicle, which you propably won't have in the early stages, or provide some power to it to kick start it. This can be done with the new small batteries, but unfortunatelly they don't provide enough power to run an o2/h2-generator to refuel the vehicle by putting ice into it. (which is the way to refuel a hydrogen vehicle without external connections somewhere in the wild)

Why can't we use the hydrogen bottles to provide some liters of h2 to the engine or a tank, similar to refilling a combustion engine with a backup canister of petrol. It shouldn't be that much, but at least be enough to maybe drive a small rover for a minute or two per h2 bottle emptied.

For the game it could work if you add a new panel to the H2 tank to empty bottles just in addition to the refill bottles mechanic. So the bottles get a new use other then just a backup for your suit.