The First Jump is not a good introduction to the game, but it's the first thing people see

Johny Daison shared this feedback 11 months ago

Just look at these 2 first-timers playing it and getting quite confused in some parts.

Comments (3)

  • It never explains the Alt key to rotate camera.
  • GPS Signals are sometimes incorrect.
  • Teaching something under stress is not good design. (Even in the case that the danger will wait for him indefinitely, the player doesn't know that.) E.g. learning <Space> key to Jump, learning how to use Turrets... The first time you use turrets shouldn't be in battle!
  • The walls of text in some parts like start of Lvl 3 need to be reduced.

  • The cockpit of the "tank" in mission 4 which is positioned so that's incredibly difficult to gen into it from ground level. There is no instruction that you get in from the front, but need to have clear line of sight to it.
  • The gate just before the Artifact in Lvl 5 which only opens if the player gets out of the ship, but the game NEVER TELLS YOU THAT.


I have to kinda agree, in my very first play through I went to walk into the escape pod corridor on the first mission, saw the yellow drone coming at me with a saw blade and backed up out of the way. I was then fumbling around for 10 minutes trying to figure out where to go but turns out I was in a permanent stuck state behind the drone. Instead of preventing me backtracking(?) it was blocking me from moving forwards. I was thinking I had to dismantle it to get passed until I found YouTube videos of others running forwards in front of it and finally realized I had to restart from scratch because I didn't move fast enough. Encountering a permanent stuck bug in the first 4 minutes was a bit daunting.