The damage from missiles pass through the armor

Andrej Bugajev shared this bug 8 months ago

If the missile hits the heavy armor plane under roughly 45 degrees - the damage goes through the armor, even to blocks that have a 1 blocks space between them and the armor.

I provide 2 pictures:

1) The dummy target with approaching angle


2) After 2 series of missiles hits from large grid rocket launcher, heavy armor blocks are slightly damaged (the lowest HP is 70%), batteries are broken.


It is important to note, that if the missile trajectory is perpendicular to the plane - this bug does not appear.

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This seems to be happening with other types of damage as well. We've noticed that fall damage is transferring through armor blocks. Several times I've bumped the armor on a ship and discovered that a block at the center of the ship was damaged or destroyed, which means I have to grind down all the undamaged components around it to access and repair that block.


Fixed in v193.