Thanks for ladders, however they need some fixing :P

Cheyne Stahlhut shared this feedback 5 months ago

- No shift modifier to speed up climbing.

- It 'shudders' over the transition on simple armor blocks and fails to transition at all on something like the front-top of the refinery, literally getting stuck on small gaps.

- Dismounting the ladder half way through results in an excessive 'jump' to the side you're directing it to dismount

- The first person animation has the hand clipping through the mesh, once seen cant be unseen, lol

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I've found that getting off a ladder onto a plain armor block will work fine, but getting onto the slightly raised catwalk block or into a sliding door doesn't work and kicks you back off the ladder.


Yeah anything with a sort of 'lip' or 'gap' has transition issues requiring the jetpack to bypass. I played with Digi's and his doesnt have this problem so I'm guessing its something to do with Keen's offesets on their collision models.