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Zaƒlow shared this feedback 16 months ago

Faction Menu & Diplomacy Improvements postulate

I suggest adding a search bar in the factions list like in the terminal list. It is not easy to find factions in large servers.

Some filter options would also be great, like "friendly", "foe", "neutral", "AI", "over ten members", and "most active" for some examples.

Also faction diplomacy structures should be public info, say faction AAA wanted to have peace with faction BBB but didn't know BBB has peace with CCC that was a sworn enemy of AAA.

Each faction needs listed friendlies, not just members. There could be a world option for set factions, with either admin leading all of them, or an ai that simply accepts everyone. The factions could be set to just two, so red vs blue type situation, or three or four, but players couldn't create one. They could only join one, as to help make factions very large and powerful.

Umbrella factions!

Umbrella factions are made up of sub factions and require a voting system. Right now they are unregulated by game mechanics, so we use discord and or the steam overlay to manage them. Alternatively we simply disband one faction and accept all their members, a hard task to safely do.

Another strange side of the game mechanics is the terminal access options. I know this sounds a bit rude but there needs to be player specific terminal access options. I get around this with building extra medical rooms, and or doors, but it would be great if there was either share options based on rank, or even based on a list players names. Like a turret that only targets Bob for example. Ranked sharing would be great for managing new members who may be spies or spastic children.

It would be nice if I could explain exactly what I mean, so don't add this unless you are sure it's simple as can be.

In my experience online, there's even a time when I needed to be in two factions at the same time, or even make a tiny sub faction to let a friend play when the leaders and founder wasn't on. Instead I just turned off the turrets and picked him up. That part I am not sure if there is an easy solution. It's just a small inconvenience.

(off topic)

I have one other add on to this, and that is a bit extra but it's cool. I want an option in LCD screens to select "Show Faction Chat" or "Show player x messages". A comm channel option! :) Also Flight seats and Control stations, can they have LCD screens that we can use? please!! That would make the game feel a lot more polished for me. Whenever I see that white blank screen, I think... one day they will remember to use them! I just think it would be very cool if either at my control seat, or over on the wall I see a message from fleet commander, calling all mining vessels to x,y,z, or a message to look out for suspicious activities near Titan.. This would be possible manually via laser antennae but if it was a built in input to the LCD screens, they would be much more immediately useful. People do not bother chatting by editing text via laser antennae, they just post it in comm channels and read it in comm channels. I just want to read it on LCD as to feel like they are useful out of the box so to speak. That brings me to another more interesting proposition. What about cctv? LCD input could be a camera, or a turret, with the overlay removed. This way we could have visibility in battle, screens for turrets could be mounted in the bridge, and when enemies are in range the turrets would show targets on screen. I do not know how realistic that idea is, but I'm pretty sure there's already a mod for it. Just a flashy idea!

I know there are more important tasks at hand, but I hope you like my ideas. I cannot wait to see the asteroid clusters! Also pressurization seems like it's got a few quirks with grid bounds, so that is good news too! I should have tried the public testing, but I'll get the update! :) I have some more ideas but I listed the simplest ones first! Thanks for your time!