Survival Mode TLC

Andy shared this feedback 14 months ago

This was posted on the Space Engineers subreddit and I was kindly directed to this forum by KeenSWH to submit my ideas. I hope these ideas help any future production of the game.

Please, never implement a player "level up" system where you unlock recipes and upgrades. Player progression should be about how clever/efficient you are at using what you can find, not gated off behind arbitrary "wait" bars. Basically, don't copy ARK.

I think you need to scale back the variety of materials to make certain blocks. Even though I believe the amount of iron used to make a large refinery is justified, maybe make it take only iron to help with player progression. Other blocks could use this treatment too. As it stands now, everything you can build takes every type of resource you can find, just varying degrees of each one. Make it simpler. Try to limit early production machines to only one or two different ores to ease players into a building progression.

Let us craft upgrades for the suit. Maybe something like modules you can install that give different abilities. How about a module that can change your jetpack to an atmo-thruster when in an atmosphere. Or maybe a grappling hook to let you ascend without using hydrogen. Try to think of little ways you can change the "on-foot" aspect of the game. This will greatly improve the survival mode by giving the players more options of customization.

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Hello - Of course no offense, but I don't think that the "everything you can build takes every type of resource you can find" part is accurate. E.g. for blocks you need just iron, for lower level character tools you do not need silver or platinum, atmo thrusters do not need platinum, ion thrusters do etc.