SUGGESTION: Wind Turbine on Vehicles

S. L. shared this feedback 8 months ago

We players don't understand at all, why in your game it is not possible to mount wind turbines to our vehicles while solar panels are possible. As a person concerned about the health of our natural environment, I do not want to use reactors and such inside this game.

I don't mind if wind turbines on vehicle work only while the vehicle is parked ("p"), but we really need them. Imagine a group of players moves to a new terrain and can bring along their energy production on wheels.

Please enable wind turbines on vehicles, that would be wonderful!

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You can already do that. After using P to park (or not, no matter), convert the "wind power trailer" to a station, and back to a ship for when you want to move on.

That said, given how large wind power farms need to be based on their required spacing, and how little they actually cost in terms of components, it's probably less of a hassle to tear them down and rebuild them completely and just carry the unassembled components with you.


Thanks for your feedback. :-)

To make any vehicle to a "base", requires the usage of a landing gear on the same sub grid as the wind turbine is mounted to. That is what I want to get changed with my suggestion. It simply doesn't look right to have a huge landing gear on a wheeled vehicle. This is for sure an anachronism that will never happen that way in any future in real life. Thus this wonderful game should reflect that and also don't require such strange methods.

A wind turbine on a vehicle should and must not require any special constructions or parking. Thus my suggestion.