SUGGESTION: Stickers for Block Surfaces

S. L. shared this feedback 9 months ago

Please create a new menu that allows us to select one of maybe thousands of topically-sorted stickers that can be odded to a block surface. I could imagine medieval imperial Japanese family insignias, single or combined country flags of today, smileys, army or airforce lables (those seen on ground and air vehicles), warning stickers, graffiti, patterns, symbols (like a denying hand or fist or thumbs up hand), and many many more.

When placing such a sticker, the player can move it around that particular surface, rotate it, and maybe even scale it. Another option would be, to project that sticker onto the opposite side of the block.

And one more interesting option would be (maybe limited to offline single games or if possible to mass games), of the player can also select one of his/her own images that this player before starting the game had copied into a special game folder where they can be found during gaming time.