SUGGESTION: More Shapes for Cargo Containers

S. L. shared this feedback 9 months ago

It would be nice and useful, to have cargo containers in various new predefined or flexible shapes.

Predefined: like all current ones, the player selects a given shape:

- 3x2x1

- 6x3x2

- 6x3x3

- 9x6x3

- 9x6x6

- 9x9x9

Flexible Sizes are built furst as 1x1 frame, then the player can use a menu to expand the dimension as much as (s)he has space available around that frame, in steps of one block. When set, only then the player would start the final constructions. The amount of material needed depends on the selected size. An unreachable limit to size could be 1000x1000x1000 (if a limit is required). Important: the player can alter each of the three sides independently from each other.