SUGGESTION: Larger Backpack through "Unknown Signal" Probes, etc.

S. L. shared this feedback 8 months ago

Up to this moment, those spawned probes that land somewhere contain only decorative fashion items. Would be nice, if they could contain some very rare but useful fashion items, too:

- Armored Space Suit (1/1,000 chance:5% increased damage absorbtion)

- Exo Skeleton (1/1,000 chance:10% increased weight can be carried)

- Lamp Update (1/1,000 chance:increases range of helmet lamp by 200%)

- Improved Jet Pack (1/1,000 chance:10% flight speed increase)

- Tiny Hover Droid (1/1,000,000 chance: 50% carried weight increase, 20% increased performance for tools and guns as it joins the astronauts activities, droid cannot be shot due its tiny size)

- Alien Red Artifact Spacesuit Addon (1/10,000,000 chance: spacesuit's storage is transfered into another dimension, therefore 10,000% carried weight increase)

These very rare items can be extremely useful IF you're lucky to get them. Due the low chances, not each player will ever get all of those, or even some. Those few lucky players will be the foundation of intergalactiv marvels and legends to come...

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But you're supposed to be engineering your problems not running around the whole game. Ive never felt the need to have any of these myself.

If other people like this idea that fine by me but i just see no need for it.


Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, engineer.

I got my ideas, becaise up to know, those stranded probes never attracted me for their contents. But if there is just the tiny fraction of a tiny chance for finding unbelievable things, it would make me run to those strabded probes! It#s like in real life's Lotto game: low chances, and still Lotto gets millions of people to run to the shops and spendign their time and money! :-D

We talk here about EXCITEMENT.