Stone be useful for SOMETHING else...

No Thanks shared this feedback 16 months ago

Alright, so KSH just shot down the idea of adding concrete.... Ridiculous.

Well can we at least have stone useful for SOMETHING other than reactor components?? It's the most ubiquitous resource in the entire game... and the least useful.

This causes people to create entire systems dedicated to pouring out excess stone into the world.. which creates a bunch of unnecessary floating objects, not to mention conveyor/inventory calculations. So if your goals are really to improve game performance, it would make sense to give people a reason to USE stone instead of crapping it out in the game world to free up space.

Seriously KSH... use Stone for SOMETHING Else.

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For example, for the manufacture of pavement. It would be possible not only to destroy voxels, but also to create.


Or to change the terrain. While the enemies draw maps, we will change the terrain :))))