stock large sorter does not pass hydrogen (100% recreatable)

Brian Mason shared this bug 18 months ago

When attempting to attach the conveyor sorter to a small ship setup as described in these steps the the hydrogen only passes to the thrusters while the engineer is out of the ship..

recreation steps are for any current build #

1. start new empty world no mods enabled in survival mode.

2. place small cockpit,02gen,large ship sorter pointing into the o2 gen.

3. place small cargo with 2 small conveyors at the side and place hydrogen thrusters on the small conveyors.

4. place power and gyro

5. attempt to enter ship.

6. upon entering the thrusters will extinguish and no thrust is possible.

7. exit ship notice thrusters will re light creating a NEVER ENDING LOOP.

8. enter ship set thruster override to high.

9. upon exiting ship thrusters will light up and ship will zoom off into the abyss.

The problem is in the large ship sorter when connected to the small grid ship parts. it does not pass hydrogen to the thrusters through the sorter no mater what you do while the engineer is occupying the cockpit..

A 2 minute video I have uploaded describes the entire process,build and recreation procedure.

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Update: The Bug is not directly related to a specific type of sorter its all sorters in any configuration if the sorter is placed before the o2 GEN. Please help with this...


I thought something was up on Keen's AU #2 server. I made a refuelling ship and it just wouldn't allow hydrogen fuel to pass from one ship to another. I had no sorter on the refuelling ship, just a connector directly on the tank. I don't think my friend had a sorter on his ship either though. It may be with connectors too? I'll have to test it.


They need to add hydrogen and o2 to the sorter list...


any update on this yet?


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