Station safezone bubble bug [01_192_022]

Sk1ns shared this bug 5 months ago

Started a new game, star system, Europa start, took what I was going to start this new save off from pod (only the data pad and both bottles, nothing else, didn't need nor want anything else), went to the closest station to my location and as I got closer the bubble should have been visable use was not, thought it was due to turning the option of bounty contracts to off but that wasn't the case as all the other stations, upon getting to them, were all the same with no bubble, only way to know I had entered the safe zone was due to the onscreen pop up stating as much.

Saved the game manually as auto save option was and will always be off, for me that is (I don't have it on), then went back to the main screen to which I loaded that very save, 5 or 6 seconds or less even and back in game to see that the bubble now shows up. This may well be a once off but none the less should not have happened to begin with.

Note: Stations could do with a look over, make sure they're working as intended and not adding to the bugs in any way shape or form, plus may be change out the o2/h2 gen on some with a oxygen farm or couple, as for the rest of the stations as in the contracts, they're missing one which would be for them to buy ice from the player, or do they get ice out of nowhere (not come across any which wants ice yet can here the o2/h2 working away, which is rather iritating listening to half the time.

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