Speed Balance

René Lindner shared this feedback 6 months ago

Hi. thanks for this awesome game, i'm enjoying it alot :D

My suggestion comes in 2 parts, which would be unbalanced each stand alone.

1) Gravity generator <-> Artificial mass.

If an gravity generator affects a grid with artificial mass, the same force should be applied to the grid with the generator. Realismn! Gravity Drive Broken! Gravity Gun Recoil! woho! So you need to build an actual "Mass portal" if you want to move your ship with gravity, and is has to be heavy and well thrusterd for dampening.

2) Max speed depending on source.

Something like Athmospheric 90-110 depending on Atmosphere density. Ion 100, Hydrogen 150, and Gravity 250. Realismn! Actually really dangerous player made weapons! Making gravity portals rewarding. Would make grav drives overpowered without 1).

3) oh and could you pretty please add missing slope corner blocks? atleast the 4 blocks needed for low angle 2*2*1 courners?

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Well ignore 3. First i made a mistake, it would take only 3 blocks, and i but it in an separate request.


Mass and gravity, a consequence of the curvature of space-time. And in fact it is one and the same.

The gravity drive must consist of 2 generators. One compresses the space of the other straightens. And the fact that you invented some garbage here.


For realism, speed must be limited by the speed of light. In case of game, it is necessary to make a different maximum speed for the larger and smaller blocks.