Space Engineers Completely Broken After Decorative Update

Nicholas Gifford shared this bug 6 months ago

Ever since the most recent update with the release of the Decorative Pack I've been unable to load saved worlds, access installed mods in the create new world page and also create new worlds, doing so results in a message which says something like it was unable to complete the process. Furthermore after installing the update, the game was unable to get the update log, said something about not being able to connect to the internet though after reinstalling, the update log loads however there's a message below the log about steam not being available.

I've verified the game files, finds nothing wrong and I've reinstalled the game which fixed the issues for a little while after doing so but they all came back almost immediately, I think I should also note I've bought and installed the new DLC, disabling it does nothing.

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Thought I should mention, recently the game started working again as it was before hand, didn't do anything myself, not sure when exactly when but it started working after one of the recent update I believe.