Sound block influenced by host behavior

Ver Snuffaluffagus shared this bug 13 months ago

I've been experiencing a bug where the sound block when playing a sound will go silent if the server host (session hosted from game client as opposed to dedicated server) moves beyond a certain radius of the block. The radius seems proportional to the maximum audible radius setting of the block, however I have experienced it seemingly randomly albiet less commonly while the host remains in proximity to the block. Host reports sometimes (but not always) experiencing the same random (non distance related) cutoff of sound emitted by the block in frequent but not always consistent correlation, where the host is sometimes able to continue hearing the sound where I experience the cutoff. The position of the client (me) does not appear to influence this behaviour, either on my end or the host's. When attempting to re-start a sound, it will work when in proximity to the host but will play only the first second or two of the sound if the host is far away, repeating the first interval once and then remaining silent.

Obviously, this makes using the sound block rather difficult without following the host around the worldspace.

Bug affects both stock game sounds and custom sounds.

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I've captured two videos demonstrating this bug on a fresh save after both the host and I validated game files. This appears to be easily repeatable.

This first video is with no mods loaded on a fresh world

and this second video is with a sound mod loaded adding additional files to the sound block

Hopefully this helps diagnosis

Note: These examples were only testing for, and are purely representative of the distance related sound issues. Given the random nature of the latter half of this bug, it is difficult to test for in a timely manner.