Some mods at my optinion should be added in vanilla game

Hunterhawks shared this feedback 5 months ago

There is a list of very well made mod i usually use and should be in game with some tweak, i preffer to keep my ships the most vanilla possible, so maybe by adding this mods to the game or in DLC should be very nice, the best is to add seome kind of that functionalities in DLC they are more usefull than OP they don't give more advantage for the player.

The vanilla landing gear are too large and can't feet for my ship, they are not very great and difficult to hide

-Retractable landing gear (Mexpex)

One of my favorit mod so far, great for landing on planet without made a ugly ramp to leave the ship on planet and that open many ship possibility

-Boarding ramp (Eikester)

Elevator can be cool for large building or multi floor ships

-Elevator (Vicizlat)

Can be expenssive to build like collecting rare ressources, and great for SF like ships

-Modular repulsor lift (Pitti or Spacebar and Kreeg)