Small interior lights are not welded from blueprint

Konrad Szymczak shared this bug 5 months ago

Small interior lights are not welding. Construction components are avaliable and very rarerly they are welded. Even the build is mirrored sometimes only one side is not welded. I cannot even weld them myself, untill moving away from them. Problem with weld field ?

This is on static grid. I found out that If I disconnect ships from it, success welds are more frequent. Maybe it is connected to some rotors I have? During weld sometimes grid is "shaking".

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I found out that when building from blueprint, "box" of small light has to be "green" so no other elements can be in this spot. Similar to welding from hand when character is in same "block". Until the welders will not move "box" is red thus the light is still only a blueprint. This means Welders are blocking the light box when trying to weld it. I have rearrange the welding grid and it works better.