Simplified New Game menu

lkjnmko shared this feedback 10 months ago

For the love of god, please don't show a list of 'scenarios' when players click on the New Game option.

Make up your mind, and select a world that represents the normal, default gameplay experience of Space Engineers. That world should launch when players click on the New Game option. There should be a completely separate "Custom Game" option that could contain all custom worlds. And tutorial content should go under an aptly named "Tutorial" option.

I don't even understand what a 'scenario' is, and how does it differ from worlds. It's confusing, generally not a concept players often encounter in games, and I think it feels shoddy from a UX design perspective that the main parts of the game, from the developer itself, are listed like they are some random content (even the "Author" attribute is visible).

I actually remember that, when I was a new player, I often got discouraged from starting a game, because I had no idea what world and options to choose to have an ideal, or 'normal', gameplay experience.

Even now, having 1000 hours in Space Engineers, if I had to start a new game (instead of continuing the existing ones), I'd feel totally confused.

Clicking on New Game would show the Scenarios tab. There I'd realize that probably neither of the currently listed 'scenarios' is what I'm looking for, because one says that it's a "training mission", and the other is a linear tutorial that I don't want.

So I'd switch to the "Custom game" tab with the hope of finding "the game" there, which already doesn't make sense. And then there I find countless weird worlds listed, many of them called "easy" (and I know that they have ginormous pre-built stuff), so I don't want to select those... Plus I obviously don't select "Empty World", because there is no point. "Rival Platforms" also sounds weird and pointless. And I have no clue what's actually different between these worlds, with respect to planets, etc.

So, at the end of the day, lacking a clearer option, I'd select Lone Survivor or Star System... Both of them are at the bottom of the list, btw. Call me stupid, but I don't think this is optimal user experience.