Simplify the Interior Block

Mekadovah shared this feedback 6 months ago

So my last project failed due to the fact I was stuck in a death spiral trying to juggle between the ship being too heavy to fly in gravity, too complex for the game to render, or too fragile to withstand any kind of attack.

Today I did some investigation of the numbers and discovered that the interior block is super low on mass, but extremely high in shape complexity: more than 3000 triangles! Meanwhile virtually every armor block has about the same complexity (in the mid 500s, give or take) regardless of the shape.

When choosing between the interior block and the heavy armor block I am literally swapping out mass for rendering complexity.

We already could use more variety in blocks like the interior block, but could it perhaps be looked at and made less complex for the game to render, along with any future blocks of this nature?

I see no purpose whatsoever for why something that could have just been a cube with a mix of textures on it had to be so overdesigned. Especially since it's only purpose is to build a cheap, lightweight wall or floor I'd naturally be inclined to use a lot of them.

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