Shortcut to move One (1) item on inventory screen PLEASE

William Bowman shared this feedback 4 months ago

I think we all agree Shift click, Ctrl click, & Shift+Ctrl click are great when when managing inventory!

But there is a ABSOLUTE need for a shortcut to move only one item! I can't think of a logical reason this hasn't been implemented yet. If there is a reason not to have this I'd be glad to hear from anyone in the comments, because it's one of those more annoying missing UI features that I think everyone would want! Double clicking to complete fill your inventory with an item has always seemed counter-intuitive to me and useless in most situations.

Possible methods/improvements would be:

  • Double click to engage auto-moving, but instead of moving all, with each click it moves one more item. So 2 clicks to move 1 item, three for 2 items, 4 to move 3, etc.
  • Drag with left mouse button only moves one item
  • Drag with right mouse button stays the same (opens quantity input field)
  • Drag with both left and right mouse buttons to move ALL

Sorry if this is a duplicate suggestion. I tried finding it elsewhere on the site to vote on & was surprised I couldn't. If anyone knows of this suggestion elsewhere, please link to it and I will VOTE.

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I'd love to see this too. Your methods would work. Another thought is:

ctrl+click: move one item.

shift+click: move ten items.

ctrl+shift+click: move 100 items.

I'm not sure how easy/ergonomic this would be. Not everyone would like this, so maybe just having the option to toggle between the default inventory control scheme and this alternate one would make everyone happy.


I want something like this to be implemented for like 3 years now. I'd just given up at this point... :D

I'm using the double click very often tho. (I'm using 1x Inventory all the time.)

I thought that Alt+Click could move 1 item, but I don't really care, as long as it's possible in a quick way.

I don't know why this feature isn't in the game yet. Like for real, If I just want 1 more Item, I have to click, drag, drop, type 1, enter. That's 5 steps, but the whole thing could be done in 1 step instead.

I do need just one item a bunch of times, so this is pretty frustrating. I'm just putting 10 items to my inventory all the times instead. Like the hell, I'm not gonna bother that much to get just 1 item. But that sometimes causes that I'm short on like 5 Steel Plates, because I have bought 10 Motors in my inventory, instead of 2, and that filled my inventory. It's just frustrating.

It's not the end of the world tho, but like what's the issue that prevents this feature to be added to the game. It would be a good quality of life improvement.


I don't know why I didn't think about the Alt + Click option. It's so obvious that that could work.

Thanks for replying. Let's get as many votes as we can and maybe keen will focus on it!


How about just "moves only 1 count" function to Right click?

I played survival 4k hours but is Right click has a specific function in Inventory? I have no idea.

I remember Right click only have a function in [Product] tab to cancel.