[1.190.009] Server version 1000 instead of 1190009. Can't join.

Hull Breach shared this bug 7 months ago

Today we suddenly can't join our friend's server anymore. It isn't shown in the server list. When I try to join via "direct connect", an error message pop's up:

"Server has different version of the game. Your version:1190009; Server version: 1000; You can change the branch, before launching the game, in game properties."

Yesterday, after the 300mb update, we were able to play on the server without a problem.

My friend says, that his server shows the version 1.190.009, just as it should.

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We were working on this problem for hours and now, minutes after posting this bug report, we found the solution.

For some reason, another game running on this server (ARK) changed it's port back to default 27016, so it had the same port like SE. That caused our problem.

Just in case. Maybe someone has this problem, too.