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Tin Copper shared this bug 9 months ago
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When I try to connect to any server since the new update, 90% of the time for me and friends it says join failed, brings you to the menu, waits a bit, makes it seem like its loading the server, then let's you choose from that servers factions only to realise you are then playing in singleplayer mode.

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More info:

For this to test the bug, I am providing an example server to connect to. The servers ip is:

The server has 20 players online, 55 mods, and is in experimental mode. The ping is low from the selection screen (42ms), and other than what I have provided there is not much more info other than what happens:

I click join server

Screen displays pop window "Joining World..."

Never ends


Hello, Engineer!

I wasn't able to reproduce your issue. Joining the server you linked works perfectly fine for me.

Are you sure your game is up to date and game files are ok? You can make sure it is by verifying integrity of your game files in steam.

Verify integrity of game files:

  1. Go to Steam Library
  2. Right click on Space Engineers
  3. Properties
  4. Local files
  5. Verify integrity of game files

Please let us know if this helped to solve your issue.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Don't have the problem with a Vanilla Server.

Only on servers with (alot) Mods it tends to stop after downloading some,but not all, mods, but if I subscribe to all mods before joining, it works pretty flawless.

One thing I have seen already was like when there is a workshop map running on the server, and the join fails, it loads the workshop map in singleplayer.