Separating Inventory Size

Christian Marlboro shared this feedback 15 months ago

My idea is really simple.

You can currently choose inventory size that you want to play with. (Before you start a world)

What i want to do is:

Having Player inventory size separate from container inventory size.

So you will now have 2 separate options.

Container Inventory Size: (Realistic, 3x, 10x)

Player Inventory: (Realistic, x3, x10)

Comments (3)


Yup. It's extremely annoying that both are affected, So much so that the first time I took a year long break from SE was because of this.

I don't want my character inventory to be so tiny as to be completely useless, but I also don't want my game to become unbalanced due to black-hole-like cargo containers.


Ship cargo multiplier has so many technical issues, especially when you want to do scripting... I just don't see the point of ship cargo multiplier being a thing at all because it also divides the builds. A ship designed for 10x can't be used in a 1x world and vice versa.

Just remove the multiplier from the cargo ship and only affect the player. That's been my opinion for a long time.




I agree with Malware. The tooltip of the setting even SAYS "player inventory", so it was never supposed to affect cargo to begin with.