Safe Zone seemingly uses no power after dedicated server restart

Zurhydryh shared this feedback 4 months ago

I'm running a dedicated server, and after setting up a safe zone and enough power blocks to feed it, I returned after the server restarted to find it is no longer consuming power. Toggling "enable safe zone" or "toggle block" causes the block to again consume power. Manually restarting the server causes the issue to return.

Looking at the input and output of power blocks, batteries output remains consistent with powering a safe zone, and input cycles between 0w, and two values consistent with charging the batteries. Both values are lower than the output, yet the stored charge never drops.

Wind turbines cycle between output values consistent with charging the batteries, powering the safe zone, and the safe zone being off with batteries charged.

If a reactor is turned on, it cycles between the same outputs, charging batteries, powering the safe zone, and 0 output.

Turning off enough power blocks results in the Safe Zone displaying as offline in the terminal, but the safe zone remains active. Turning the power blocks back on, the Safe Zone terminal appears to have never gone offline, as upkeep time is preserved and no initialization is needed.

In addition to all this, MMaster's LCDs script using the Power command to show power producing blocks displays readings for all power blocks consistent with the Safe Zone consuming no power at all times.

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