Safe zone generator bug: Generate free permanent safe zone

K Robertson shared this bug 4 months ago

1. Warping with a ship attached by landing gear.

2. Stop, the other ship having gyros, engines etc, has my movement glitching between 0.01 and 0.02m/s

3. Convert to station

4. Convert to ship will not work, generates error

5. Generate safe zone

6. Waited for server restart hoping it would be fixed. When server restarts, the ship is now a ship rather than a station and can be moved.

7. The safe zone still exists, and I can move out of it while as a ship, safe generator is turned off, and it remains where it was.

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Edit: The safe zone generator was turned off, turning it on/enabling it caused the old zone to disappear, but until then the old zone was present and costing no safe zone chips. This could be exploitable.


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wow, and they said it wouldn't be exploitable.