Runaway ships

Kim Wilson shared this bug 7 months ago

In two seperate games now I have had ship accelerate to 104.38 m/s in some random direction and then eventually (several minutes) slow down and stop. In the second game the only engines fitted where to the respawn pod that was docked with a connector. When the ship stopped it was (according to book marks) 230 km from where it started. Approximately 5 minutes later it took off again (now 250 km away from book marks). Turning all engines blocks off in the control menu has no effect ( the respawn pod engines are insufficiant to accelerate this total mass at anything like the accelleration this thing shows. At this point. even if it is not accellerating wildly I cannot leave the ship to go mining incase it takes of without me. Makes the game unplayable.

Reloading the game makes no difference ( may stop an individual runaway occurance but doesn't stop it happening again)

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For the last 2 days the game has loaded with the speed locked at 104 m/s and nothing is able to change it. now over 2000 km from starting point.

Built a jump drive and jump max distance in the hope that that might reset things but no change.

Basically the game is, for me, unplayable. It is only a matter of time before I hit a rock at high speed or run out of power.